Most frequent questions and answers

After we reserve your session at The Baby Picture Place, we will send you PDFs with info on how to best prepare.  We’ll send a couple times, too, because part of your brain now belongs to that adorable baby.

We have had our fair share of challenging babies, but rest assured, we don’t call Laura “The Baby Whisperer” for nothing.  We have a number of measures we run through before asking Mom or Dad to step in and help.

Absolute worst case scenario, we can always reschedule, but that very rarely ever happens. 

We are in the process of becoming certified (this will change here on our site as soon as the certification is in stone) through APNPI (Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International), which is recognized as a top safety and ethics advisor to newborn photographers.

We also keep the studio clean, warm, and wash anything that touches baby’s skin with perfume/dye-free detergent.  We are happy to wear gloves during your session if that is something you’d like to request!  Otherwise, we are some hand-washing fools around here at The Baby Picture Place!

The Year One Package includes Three 60-minute photo sessions:


*6 Month – includes an optional short & sweet family session to show off your new awesome addition

*1 Year

Each of the Three 60-minute sessions include: 1-4 outfit changes for baby & One 11″x14″ print

Digital Files, prints, canvases, and anything else you want your adorable baby’s face printed on (or entire adorable family), are sold a-la-carte.

We will make that process as painless as possible also – with online galleries, ordering, and shipping. Or you can schedule an appointment and we’ll walk you through it all, or talk you through it if you prefer talking on an actual phone to an actual person.  

If you book the Year One Package at The Baby Picture Place, you can also add extra sessions like Maternity, 3 month, and/or 9 month at a super discounted rate – only $50 each! 

The Year One Package is the absolute best option if you want at least 3 different sessions for baby’s 1st year – at an awesome price – $250!

Absolutely.  We will provide you with a print release and a *consumer-arm gallery from one of our favorite labs.

*A consumer-arm gallery is the way we extend professional lab print services directly to you for a more affordable price and convenient ordering options.

Please fill out the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page and we’ll get right on it.  Or give us a call – we would love to talk to you!

We typically have about a 1-week turnaround, but exceptions can be made if needed.

You should definitely ask during your session.  If you really want to stir the pot, ask, “Thor or Aquaman?”

Yes, baby Ellie here is rocking some gamer gear with a screen grab from her dad’s group of Halo buddies.  Technically, Dad’s in the picture, which is sweet and nerdy all at the same time. 

If you’re not sure what a composite image is or if you’d even want one, that’s cool.  A composite image consists of 2 or more images that can be edited into one final magical image.  During newborn sessions this is so important because your baby’s safety and comfort is our priority.  No worries – both Joleigh and Laura have tons of experience editing hands out of the frame!

We didn’t even have to leave the comfort of The Baby Picture Place Studio to work this magic!