Newborn Boy just pooped on dad during at-home session


I remember being pregnant and genuinely worrying about whether or not I’d accidentally poop on the table.  Fast forward (and if you’re reading this while pregnant, know this is not something to be worried about) to delivery day and I can honestly say the biggest thing I remember is the fact that my sweet baby arrived in one piece.

That being said, babies poop wherever they want.  ALL the time.  If we are shooting one of our favorite naked-newborn poses and your precious little bundle of joy projectile-poos on our blanket, please do not panic.  We will handle the mess, we will clean it up, and we will STILL get the awesome photo.  We are not offended or grossed out.  If we happened to have caught it, then whether or not you want the image is up to you 😉

I’d like to tell you that you have any sort of control whatsoever over the bodily functions of the tiny human that you’re bringing for us to photograph.  But, I’d be lying, and I am nothing if not honest.  Your baby is probably going to pee on the blanket.  Or Laura.  And possibly Meggan.  Or you!  We have some fun poses with mom and dad that become exponentially more entertaining… accidentally… on occasion.  He might fire a stream of baby poop that defies the laws of physics as we know it, and create a yellow Jackson Pollock right here in the studio for us.

And it’s cool.

In fact, poop is going to be a big part of your lives for the next few years, so if you want a few really good stories while we’re shooting, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Poop happens, guys.